Pet of the Month for March 2020

Everyone meet Mau! Mau is a handsome Domestic Shorthair that was recently adopted from the New Braunfels Humane Society by his new family. Mau was brought in for his check up with Dr. Lambert, after being adopted from the shelter. Upon Dr. Lambert’s examination she noticed Mau had quite the buildup of tartar on his teeth, as well as some inflamed gums. Mau was at Stage 2/4 Dental Disease; that means he had a moderate amount of tartar buildup present on his teeth and was in need of a good dental cleaning. Once Mau was sedated and ready for his dental cleaning Dr. Lambert was able to do a more thorough exam and could see that Mau’s teeth were in a lot worse shape than what she was able to see in his previous exam. Unfortunately, some of Mau’s teeth were in such bad shape that they needed to be taken out so he could have a happier and healthier mouth. Now that Mau has a healthier mouth, he can live a better quality of life with his new family!


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