Pet of the Month for April 2021

This is Zoey! Zoey is a 6month old Yorkie. Zoey came in recently for a routine spay with Doctor Justin! Zoey’s momma knows the importance of getting Zoey spayed and wanted to get her in as soon as she was old enough. We recommend that your puppies/kittens be at least 6 months of age before they get spayed or neutered. The benefits of getting your female dog/cat spayed is that your pet can no longer go into heat and/or end up with a potential accidental pregnancy which is very common with females that are not fixed.  The other benefits are that she can no longer get a Pyometra- a pyometra is an infection of the uterus, which can potentially be life threatening if not treated. The other benefit is the decrease of getting mammary cancer – this is when hard, potentially cancerous nodules form in the mammary chain. With Spring time upon us , some animals get out accidentally and love to go out and roam so we highly recommend getting your pets spayed and neutered!


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