Pet of the Month for October 2019

Hi there! My name is Remy P! I am a 1 and a half year old Collie Mix! I love to run around and play with my dog friends and my human friends (they usually have lots of treats!). I love coming to Doggy Day Care at Fetch and love playing with my toys! Mom and dad say that I cause a lot of mischief, whatever that is. 6 months ago, my parents had to bring me to CanyonVet to have emergency surgery done. I thought they left treats out for me at home, but it turns out that they were remotes for their TV. Oops! Recently, my mom and dad had to bring me to see Dr. Leakey because I had all of these weird bumps all over my body and my face was swollen, so it was really hard to see. Thankfully, Dr. Leakey took one look at me and knew just how to help me feel better! I am so thankful that my parents bring me here to see all of the great doctors that help keep me happy and healthy (and for all the yummy treats that they give me)!

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