Pet of the Month for June 2021

This is Sully! Sully is a loveable boy mixed with some unknown breeds! Sully was adopted from a shelter by his awesome momma . Sully had come in for his yearly annual to get caught up on his vaccines as well as do some routine testing. These tests include a heartworm test as well as an intestinal parasite test.  The heartworm test was done in house , and came out positive. Sully’s owner was quite concerned because she had been giving his heartworm prevention (Heartgard) correctly on the days that it was due. Another heartworm test was sent out to a laboratory that the hospital works with to get a second confirmation, it too was positive. Most likely Sully was infected prior to entering the shelter. If the shelter tested him at that time they may not even know he was positive because it takes at least 6 months for the test to become positive after infection. Dr. Leakey gave her recommendations on what options that she had, and she went through with doing the heartworm treatment by injection. Sully will soon be treated for heartworms. It is important to keep your dogs on heartworm prevention, as well as a routine schedule with their heartworm medications and testing. In Texas it is also important to keep them on their medication throughout the year due to our warm and humid climate. Mosquitos thrive in our weather , especially in the Spring and Summer months.

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