Pet of the Month for May 20201

This is Sierra! Sierra is a 10 year old sweet Pit Bull that came to us feeling very under the weather one day. Sierra was not wanting to eat or drink. When Sierra came in her belly was quite distended, which had Dr Leakey quite concerned. With the distended belly he knew he should ultrasound her abdomen. Upon ultrasound, Dr Leakey noticed that Sierra’s uterus was quite enlarged and filled with fluid, he then concluded that Sierra had a Pyometra. A Pyometra is an infection of the uterus, this can happen to some unspayed female dogs. This is when the uterus fills up with purulent fluid and causes the female dog to feel very sick. These cases almost always are in need of a surgery to remove the infected uterus. Sierra was well hydrated before surgery to help with any fluid loss, later on in the day. Dr Jacobs took Sierra under his wing and successfully performed her surgery. This is why it is important to spay your female dogs to prevent this potential infection. Spaying not only prevents the possibility of a Pyometra but also the prevention of unexpected pregnancies and can lower the risk of mammary cancer.

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