Pet of the Month for November 2020

This month’s Pet of the Month is Snowy 2! Snowy is a sweet male Tabby that was brought in by his owners for being painful and having some difficulty urinating. Dr. Justin Casares examined Snowy 2 and could feel that his bladder was quite enlarged and that Snowy 2 was not himself. With all of his symptoms, it led Dr. Justin to believe that Snowy could have a urinary blockage. Unfortunately, male cats can get a blockage in their urethra from urinary stones or crystals that prevents urine from passing through the urethra.  This can be a painful and dangerous issue if not taken care of in a timely manner. When this happens manual evacuation of the stones from the urethra needs to be done by a urinary catheter and a flushing of the bladder. Dr. Justin took Snowy under his care for the next few days in the hospital until he was urinating on his own. Today Snowy 2 is back home living his happy life again.

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