Pet of the Month for September 2020

This is Charlie! Charlie is a sweet Blue Heeler that had an unfortunate encounter with a Rattlesnake! Charlie came to Canyonvet as an emergent patient shortly after being bit. As soon as Charlie arrived at the hospital she was triaged and hooked up to IV fluids. Due to the severity of the Rattlesnake bite, poor Charlie had very progressive swelling in her face as well as a lot of pain that made Dr. Leakey make the decision to give Charlie Antivenin. Antivenin is an antiserum made for dogs bitten by South and North American viperine snakes. It is used to neutralize the venom of snakes, including cottonmouth moccasins, copperheads, and rattlesnakes. Along with the antivenin , Charlie got some strong pain medications to help her be more comfortable during her hospital stay. Charlie stayed at Canyonvet in hospital care for 5 days to make sure she was well enough before going home to her family.

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