Pet of the Month for August 2020

This is Greta! Greta is a sweet Brussels Griffon that came to see Doctor Jacob’s after having a little fall. Little Greta immediately started limping after her fall, so mom brought her right into us. Radiographs were taken and it showed a very visible break in her ulna and radius -this is the lower part of the forearm on dogs. Unfortunately, with Greta having a break in her leg, this required for her to have surgery by an orthopedic surgeon. The next day Greta was brought into surgery here at CanyonVet with the traveling surgeons at TSVS (Texas Specialty Veterinary Services) . Greta had some plates and screws put into her little leg to put everything back together. For a few weeks Greta will need to wear a splint and have it changed frequently with us. Greta has been enjoying coming to see us and get cute little hearts on her splint. Soon Greta will be able to go back to her normal life once her recovery is over.


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