Pet of the Month for July 2020

Jack was brought into us as an emergency recently for being seriously ill. Poor Jack had some severe stomach issues as well as being very lethargic. Doctor Lambert looked over Jack , and on palpation she noticed what felt like a possible foreign body in his abdomen. Dr Lambert wasn’t exactly sure what it could be, so she took Jack into our radiology room for some radiographs. The radiograph showed a very round small object in his abdomen. Immediately Jack was prepped for surgery and rushed into the operation room to remove the foreign object that was stuck! Jack stayed in our hospital care for 3 days so we could closely monitor his recovery. Jack took about a day to get back to his normal self after everything. Today he is a happy boy again ! The object inside of Jack ended up being a bouncy ball! Jack’s story is a good reminder that it is very important to monitor your pets when they are playing with toys to make sure they are not chewing pieces off of the toys and eating them or playing with small objects around the house that they could potentially swallow.

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