Pet of the Month for December 2019

Simba is a handsome guy that was diagnosed with heartworms back in September of 2019 by Dr. Justin Carares . Simba came in for not feeling well , as well as having a lot of hacking and labored breathing going on . Diagnostic tests were done ; a heart worm test that checks for the adult heartworms as well as a direct blood check under the microscope for microfilaria. Both of those tests came back positive . Dr Justin Carares discussed options with the owners and the owners elected the best treatment , to have him treated for heartworms by 3 injection treatments . Simba stayed in our facility for a few days during his treatment and was monitored , as well as showered with lots of hugs and kisses . Currently he is on the road to recovery and is now on the Proheart 12 injection for heartworm protection .

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